Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 22: Jessica Biel and quality horror= boners for days...

The Tall Man (Dir. Pascal Laugier):  The best part about wading through tons of mediocre horror films is finding those hidden gems.  It makes it all worth it when you come out with a great new discovery.  I had high hopes for this one since it was Laugier's follow up to the highly praised Martyrs.  I still haven't seen Martyrs myself, but from what I've gathered this man knows horror.  I was very pleased when I found out that this was available for streaming on instant watch.

The setting is a struggling mining town in northern Washington state.  Ten years earlier the mines went under and the majority of the community lost their jobs.  To add insult to injury the community has been plagued with child abductions for the last few years as well.   Julia (played by the always bonerific Jessica Biel ) works at the town's medical clinic.  She was married to the town doctor, but he passed a few years earlier and some of the community still wishes it was her that died.  One night while sleeping her son David is abducted by the mysterious "Tall Man" who the community believes is behind the abductions.

This was one beautiful atmospheric puzzle.  Laugier has created this depressed community the oozes fear and uncertainty.  Even though there are miles of land everything just feels claustrophobic and urgent.  The twists come out of left field and previous occurrences take on a completely different meaning.  Halfway through the second act you kind of figure out where it's going, but you'll never be able to figure everything out. This film is not only tense, but it's also very moving.  By the end I really wasn't sure who the good guys or bad guys were.  All I know is that I haven't seen a horror/suspense film this powerful in a while.  Laugier is one talented director that knows how to manipulate your emotions and create tension.  This one comes highly recommended.  Even Biel wasn't terrible acting wise.

Funny or Scary: Very chilling stuff and it makes you think.
Scariest Scene: When Julia chases after her son in the abandoned warehouse
Overall Corpse Rating: 7.5 blown away corpses.


  1. Really Liked this one, you should totally see Martyrs, you will never forget it...

  2. i'm kind of afraid to... but yeah i really do want to see it.